Wednesday, September 4, 2013

WIAW..and also WIDW

Something you may or may not know about me is that I absolutely love smoothies - summer, fall, winter, spring - I find ways to make them flavorful and interesting through the produce that is available every season! So in today's WIAW post, I added smoothies too...which would make it WIDW as well. Here you go!

These are pumpkin empanadas from a Thai restaurant called Rice in DC! I shared it with 2 of my friends, we wished they were a bit bigger.......

Rainbow bowl! So simple yet tasty and full of flavors!

Quick dinner of sauteed collard greens & onions - with brown rice, purple yams, kabocha, and veggies cooked in Bragg's liquid aminos and sesame oil.

Another picture from Rice, I highly recommend a dish that comes with rice. First time seeing a Thai restaurant serve sticky rice to go along with the main meal. We shared a vegetarian Pad Thai and a vegetarian Green Curry! 

A casual dinner for myself: brown & black rice cooked with kabocha squash with some Korean banchan, which are side dishes that are served with all Korean meals. If you've been to a Korean restaurant, you're guaranteed these side dishes! I love lotus root banchan, which are the round snowflake looking things on my plate.

Sorry for the blurry picture.....I think this was when the waitress came by to ask how things looked and I was replying to her as I took my picture. Then didn't even check to see how the picture came out - just digged in ASAP.This was a vegetarian tom yum noodle soup from a Thai restaurant in downtown Charlottesville called Pad Thai. Their lunch special is an awesome deal! 

This was a 100% vegan ramen from Daikaya in DC. SO SO SO GOOD! We went there during the busy lunch hours on a Friday but we were able to sit at the bar in front of the open kitchen. I could go for some ramen right now...and it's 10 o'clock in the morning.

Peregrine Espresso on 14th St in DC 
Iced Americano, Hibiscus Berry, Bergamot Sage, Citron Oolong.

Cheers in the morning as we part our ways - DC was so much fun thanks to my friend Joanna taking us around the city. Can't wait to return!

I'll update my smoothie page soon so that these smoothie pictures have recipes to go along with them :) I hope all my fellow student readers are enjoying their semester so far. I know I sure am with no Monday and Friday classes! Have a great day!


  1. 5 day weekend? Do you have that every single week? If so, I'm totally jealous. I'm loving the plethora of Thai food--I haven't had very much Thai food in my life, but the food I have had was delicious!

    1. Yes! I have an unscheduled class so I meet with my group members for that class instead - but I'm so thankful for the free time I have! :) I think I crave Thai food more than I crave Korean food at times :p as I'm typing this now haha.