Saturday, September 7, 2013

Saturday Groceries

We have a farmer's market in downtown Fredericksburg that is fairly small but compared to its size, there are plenty of vendors that bring fresh, local produce right to you. I met up with my friend Becca (Hi!), who became a vegetarian over this summer and is looking to become healthier through some lifestyle changes. We had some morning drinks at a coffee shop nearby then we headed on over to the market. Becca bought some peppers, cucumbers, a HUGE bunch of kale, and beets all for $7.50 - and I ended up with beets, yellow squash, juicy peaches, 1lb okra, and eggplants all for $13. This will last me for the whole week! Tonight, I'm actually planning to make curry - inspired by one of my favorite Indian curry dishes, aloo baingan. I'm not adding the potatoes though, but replacing them with yellow squash, kabocha squash, and okra (wait, is that all too much? nope).
I stole a peach from the picture - best peach of 2013.

I'm drinking a giant cup of a green smoothie, that looks rather quite funky. I didn't even take a picture before I began chugging it - maybe that was the right thing to do - because it looks like...well, we won't go there. It tastes so good though! I added these greens you see in the picture on the left - the beet greens and stems are so nutritious - full of beneficial vitamins and iron! I remember when I used to just discard them because I never knew what to do with them and/or felt too lazy to carefully wash the dirt away and store them. I really love them in smoothies now though! (If you're wondering..the smoothie also had frozen grapes, mango, blueberries, lime juice, mint, ginger, and coconut water) Look at how the greens just extended out from my bag - I had to haul that thing around while I browsed some more. I just got too greedy and picked out the bunch with the big leaves and creepy long stems.

After we were both happy with our findings, we went back to the coffee shop and sat on the benches outside. We talked about a good hour or so talking about girl things, school life, and health. It was so nice to talk to Becca about something I'm passionate about - especially because she was actually really interested and intrigued by it. I talked to her about how I felt as I made changes to my diet and what I've gained from this whole experience. She also told me that she doesn't crave meat anymore - something I've noticed as well. And then I talked about how I am now well aware of what my body likes and doesn't like - I may be slowly re-adding some foods back into my diet - but let's save that for another post later. Having a conversation like this motivates you to stay on track - after talking to each to other, I'm pretty sure Becca left feeling confident and motivated to continue with her healthy lifestyle.

Shortly after coming home, I washed and prepped everything to make my life a bit easier. I love being able to just grab something out of the refrigerator and save time when preparing my meals. It also creates more space in your refrigerator or pantry when you organize them into bags or jars.

Now I'm off to deal with a huge stack of books and notes - Is it fall break yet? HA. Hope everyone's having a wonderful Saturday afternoon & weekend!


  1. Whoa, your blog looks so much different since the last time I've seen it! I guess I haven't been checking blogs enough recently :( Wish I knew about this farmer's market freshman year! I have yet to try a Rebecca-made meal...

    1. I hope it looks better! I was going for more of a simplistic look :) And I know ..I'm discovering a lot of new and weird and exciting things about Fredericksburg that I didn't know about during my two years here..I'm sure Harrisonburg's farmer's market is awesome!

      Come and visit, or I'll try to visit you in the near future..I'll make you green smoothies, and my healthy meals :)

  2. I picked up a lot of the same produce yesterday!