Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Jamie Eason's LiveFit

Two years ago, I began focusing more on weights and muscle gains rather than on cardio. What helped me become more comfortable in the weight room was Jamie Eason's LiveFit trainer program. Her workouts helped me improve my strength, as well as endurance - and gave me muscles in places where I didn't even know they existed! It helped giving me an overall toned look to my body. The only thing I wasn't very good with was that I never stuck with my workouts because I would prefer one routine over another and I'd switch them around. However this time, I want to be consistent with them so that I can see better improvements in my body. I began the program today in phase 2 - as phase 1  focuses on building muscles so that your body can be ready for heavier weights in phases 2 & 3. I am used to lifting heavy so that is why I decided to skip phase 1 altogether. Phase 1 cuts out cardio (which was a bit difficult for me) but this is what helped me achieve that "toned" look in my arms and legs. 

I highly recommend this program if you are new to weights and you want to see results! One thing to note is that although I didn't follow her eating plan (I personally thought it was too restrictive), I still ate clean. This means cut out processed foods and eat your food as closest to its natural state as much as possible. 

I did day 1 of phase 2 today, which targets your back. Then I came home to make a smoothie for myself but I realized I was still hungry. So I had an apple while preparing a bowl of warm oats that was cooked with banana slices, topped with more slices, seeds and raw cacao nut butter. 

Off to shower and then it's time to hit the books! 


  1. I've heard so many good things about the LiveFit plan--I love running too much to ever give it up, but I'd definitely try it if I wasn't so enamored with running! :) I've also never seen raw cacao nut butter before, but it sounds/looks SO good...I'm going to have to see if I can find it on my next grocery shopping trip!

    1. I began this program when I was JUST about to fall in love with long distance running...who knows what I could've been if I hadn't started the LiveFit plan :p But it definitely felt weird to not do any cardio whatsoever. I got the raw cacao nut butter as a gift from a friend and I think it's nice to indulge in something like that! I'm hoping to make my own batch soon..... :)